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Feng Shui for Luxury Homes

published on January 12, 2012

chandelier for luxury home feng shuiAustin luxury homes can be located on hillsides with panoramic views, on the shorelines of Lake Austin and Lake Travis, and neatly tucked into beautiful subdivisions like Seven Oaks. Luxury homes have the unique advantage of being dynamic and unique, sometimes harboring beautiful and surprising features, like indoor swimming grottos, boat docks, spacious kitchens and bathrooms, and elaborate gardens.

Creating a harmonious, comfortable environment can be a more daunting task on a larger scale, but the principles of Feng Shui can offer advice on how to put the finishing touches on an already beautiful home. Feng Shui also can be a beneficial source of input when looking to purchase a new home or remodel a house. Kathryn Weber, a licensed Feng Shui consultant, says, “When looking at making an investment in a home, it’s very worth it to have a Feng Shui consultation with someone who can explain the ups and downs of a house and what to expect from the house. The higher the price on a house, the more important that is. When it comes to your money, your house is often a reflection or a conduit, and you can have a better understanding of how your life can proceed by having a good understanding of Feng Shui.”

Having a good understanding of Feng Shui can help make sense of some of the emotional feelings and intuition that coincide with a home. Weber explains, “People have such a strong feeling about their home, or any space they walk into; they feel good or bad but can’t always explain why. Feng Shui tells you what it is about a house, in tangible terms, that you are feeling.”

Creating a good feeling in a home using Feng Shui comes down to balance. In a kitchen, the fire from the oven counterbalances the water from the sink, but they can also be in opposition since the water element extinguishes fire. Bringing in décor or design decisions that balance the other elements of Feng Shui – metal, earth, and wood, can harmonize the space and create feelings of peace. Keeping a space clutter-free, with living fruit or flowers in view also can increase mental clarity and decrease stress.

In a bathroom, water is drained out, and this can be symbolic of wealth draining away. Keep bathroom doors closed to prevent energy from leaking out of other rooms, and decorate bathrooms with a spa-like feel to instill peace in the room. Weber suggests “hanging a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door” as a remedy for keeping energy in the house.

A bedroom should be kept sacred for sleeping and revitalization. This means that anything related to intense work or action, like computers, exercise machines, or televisions, should be kept out of the bedroom. The bed should be the main focus of the room’s décor, because that’s where the center of rest will be. Keeping the colors earthy and muted can help restore a sense of calm.

The center of a home is known as a good luck center, where all of the energies of the home converge. A chandelier in the center of the room can reflect positive energy to all other corners of the house. Important items like family photos, religious iconography, and live plants can help keep balance in the room that will then be circulated throughout the rest of the house.

Luxury homes can be ideal for Feng Shui practitioners because of the amount of customization available to homeowners. If you are interested in finding a new Austin home for sale, contact an Austin realtor today.

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