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Feng Shui for Hill Country Luxury Homes

published on January 9, 2012

Austin is situated in one of the most beautiful regions of Texas: the sweeping hill country. The hillsides surrounding Downtown Austin and the business districts are speckled with Austin luxury homes that offer heart stopping views.

The tree and cliff neighboring houses don’t just harbor value in their desirable vantage points but also in their strategic integration with nature. Kathryn Weber, a Feng Shui expert and consultant, explains that homes in the hill country “have a greater chance of appreciating in value, and the home owners have a greater chance of appreciating themselves. This is true everywhere – wherever you have hills and water together, like in Austin, you have a magic combination of water and earth- the two premium energies of Feng Shui.”

Citing classic examples of well appreciated properties, Weber says, “Homes seated in the hills with views and nearby lakes make the investment secure because it enjoys all the radiating energy of the elements. Think about Hollywood Hills, that’s where the high value real estate is, and value has a higher insurance, because those are the homes in more demand.” The same can be said for homes situated in the Austin hill country.

The energies of Feng Shui are comprised of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. When in balance with each other, the energies work together to bring peace, tranquility, and prosperity to a homeowner. When one element overpowers another, aspects of life can begin to feel off-kilter, and should be remedied by reharmonizing the elements in and around the home.

In a neighborhood in the hill country, like the communities of River Place or Westlake, there is no shortage of the wood element, and sometimes the earth element, if a home overlooks a cliff. Wood embodies creativity, growth, and flexibility, and earth instills strength and balance. When these are out of proportion to the other elements, a homeowner can be left feeling rigid, stubborn, sluggish, or bored. Balancing out the natural landscape of trees and hills can be as simple as incorporating light to represent fire, wrought iron elements or silver colors to invite the metal element, or mirrors or fountains to represent water.

Hill country houses can sometimes be built in irregular shapes to accommodate odd sized or sloped lots. Weber says,“The more square or rectangular the house is the better. Energy tends to work in a grid, like a tic-tac-toe chart, and it needs all nine squares of the Feng Shui energy squares.” If you find an Austin home for sale that is not square, though, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on the house. “If you have a house, you lay that tic tac toe grid over the footprint, and if it’s a deep L shape or something similar, many of the sectors of the square will be missing. These can be filled in by adding outdoor living spaces, patios, walkways, or something else that continues the flow of the house.”

A home in the hills with all the elements of your dream house can be a short search away after contacting an Austin REALTOR® with a thorough knowledge of the Austin housing market and long term property investment, including the best Austin luxury homes.


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