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New Business Tower is an emblem of Austin’s Prosperity

April 24, 2012

Things have been looking up for Downtown Austin for a while. It’s about to start looking way up, though: Cousins Properties, Inc. recently announced it will be building a 30-story high-rise business, residence, and retail space on the lot behind Whole Foods Market on 6th. Rhonda Toming, senior vice president of capital markets with OxfordRead More

Lakeway Regional Medical Center Opens

April 23, 2012

Lakeway Regional Medical Center finally has opened. Doors to the 274,500 square foot building officially opened to the public on April 16th, and a few lucky folks took a peak at the medical marvel at a recent open house that featured short tours, kids’ activities, and staff Q&A’s. Services at the hospital are both cuttingRead More

Modern Homes With a Green Touch

April 18, 2012

Earlier this year, the Modern Home Tour in Austin (which included homes from Northwest Austin to Circle C) showcased functional and innovative homes that would make any environmentalist proud. Architect and design teams behind three of the stunning homes on the tour shared some of the innovative ideas and unexpected materials that went in toRead More

Northwest Austin Homes Seeing an Uptick in Sales

March 9, 2012

The buyer’s market window in Austin may be slowly beginning to close, and opening a crack wider in favor of sellers, according to the Austin Board of Realtors, especially in Northwest Austin, where desirable neighborhoods like Barton Creek and Davenport Ranch are found.  “We are seeing a marked upswing in the sale of homes inRead More

Kerbey Lane Café South Moves to New Location

March 6, 2012

Kerbey Lane Café has been serving afternoon brunch-goers, post-concert queso munchers, and general diner-food eaters since 1980. The original Kerbey Lance Café, located in Central Austin, has served its patrons with smiles and smart quips, making it a beloved spot for families, visitors, and all Austinites. There are now five locations serving Austin, including Central,Read More

Amy’s Ice Cream: A Delicious Part of Austin Culture

March 5, 2012

Amy’s Ice Creams has been the place to go for fresh ice cream in Austin since 1984. The employees and patrons of Amy’s embody the “Keep Austin Weird” vibe, with employees launching high-flying ice cream tricks while patrons decide which made-daily ice cream they will enjoy. Located all over Austin, including locations in Olympic Heights,Read More

Femme Film Texas Promotes Filmmaking for Girls

January 31, 2012

With only a fraction of films directed by females, Femme Film Texas aims to give young girls a chance to do exactly what the boys do. Femme Film Texas is a week-long program in South Austin that puts advanced film equipment into the hands of young girls, grades six through twelve, allowing the girls anRead More

Book People, the Number One Independent Bookstore in Texas

January 25, 2012

Book People, on first glance, may appear to be a local version of a Barnes & Noble. On closer inspection, though, the handwritten recommendations from staff beneath hundreds of books, the multitude of signed editions by authors who drop in to visit or speak, helpful fellow book worms with nametags around every shelf, an appreciationRead More

Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library Gets A Makeover

January 20, 2012

LBJ Library, located on the University of Texas campus in Central Austin, is getting a makeover beginning March 1, 2012. The redesign focuses on highlighting legislation that President Lyndon Baines Johnson, for whom the library is named, pushed through Congress, much of which we still use today. Library Director Mark Updegrove said, "We want peopleRead More

Philanthropic Opportunities in Austin

January 13, 2012

Economic security, or even better, prosperity, is a gift many Austinites generously share with less fortunate neighbors – human, animal, and environmental. Gifts come in many packages, including volunteer hours, monetary funds, sponsorships, and in-kind donations. Hundreds of charitable organizations exist in Austin that work to better lives, the city, and the world, and allRead More