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Bring Your Pet Pig (or Pooch) to Austin’s New Bacon Restaurant

published on October 18, 2011

Bacon, a new local restaurant, has only been open for five weeks in Central Austin and yet already has a line out the door for lunch. The menu at Bacon is as expected – American classic dishes that ALL include bacon, and there are several varieties of bacon available each day for each plate on the menu.

Everything about Bacon is a good time. The expansive beer list, laid-back atmosphere, and bacon galore give Bacon the feel of a small-town hangout for the whole family to enjoy. The outdoor patio extends the “whole family” to include your pup or pet pig. Don’t worry, the pet pig can eat Tempeh bacon – a vegan look-alike for those who choose not to satiate their palate with pork bacon. It’s marinated and smoked with rubs and spices to make it taste like the real thing. 

Bacon began as a joke between co-owners when one of them showed off a wallet with printed bacon on it. “One of our owners had the bacon wallet, and we were poking fun at him while at the same time jealous,” said Zac Bryant, co-owner of Bacon. “I’ve been working in the Austin restaurant industry my whole career, and I thought that a restaurant that focused on bacon should just be called Bacon. I was on vacation, let the idea brew, and kept not finding any reason not to do it.” 

The restaurant is “Keeping Austin Weird” by keeping their menu easy and the atmosphere casual. Bacon keeps the atmosphere light-hearted by supplying their staff with hilarious t-shirts that have coy play-on-words about bacon and by posting things on their Facebook like, “We don’t sell the iPhone 4s but we do sell Bacon and Beer. Miss you Steve” on the day Steve Jobs died.

Bacon’s seating area features a wall-size screen and projector that broadcasts television, perfect for Sunday afternoon football. Chicken and waffles is a great item to order when visiting Bacon, and the Broken Yolk BLT is a great twist on a BLT with runny fried eggs that enhance the rich flavor of the bacon-of-the-day. Also, “Our double grind burger is phenomenal,” said Bryant. “We grind chuck ourselves and use actual bacon as the fat. It’s not a 50/50 burger, there’s less of a ratio of bacon. We grind it all together and then grind it all again. It’s very juicy but not greasy, not greasy at all. It’s hard for me not to order it everyday.”

Bacon has also acquired a curing license so the restaurant is now smoking and curing their own bacon. The curing license has allowed the restaurant to create exciting flavors not available at grocery stores, like mango habanero and cinnamon.

What started as a joke between four friends has become an Austin staple restaurant. If you are a bacon-lover, an Austinite, or just visiting, Bacon’s at-home environment, inviting staff, and amazing menu makes Bacon your new favorite place for a good time.

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