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Back Door to the Trade Accommodates the Vision of Austin Interior Designers

published on May 9, 2012

austin interior design, austin upscale luxury homesBack Door to the Trade is unlike any design center in Austin – it does business exclusively with designers. It’s been Austin’s only wholesale design center for 12 years, providing a shared space for four distinct showrooms that offer products for commercial and residential use. Call ahead of time if you want to tour their Northwest Austin showroom; the services found here are ideal for Austin luxury home owners who want a unique touch in their home décor.

Before opening BDT, Priscilla Laffey and her business partner, Donna Stockton-Hicks, worked for English’s Drapery & Interiors near Circle C. They had larger goals that flourished, and the two consequently established relationships with a core group of designers. Together, they embrace the role of a professional middleman. “We do this because the designers are artists, and it’s their vision that we accommodate,” Laffey says.

BDT is comprised of four individual showrooms, and each showroom works as an agent for the companies they represent.

Objets, Ltd.

Objets, Ltd. is an aesthetic treasure trove of found objects and furniture, some of which have been made by the hands of emerging artists. With elements ranging from contemporary to antiques, fabrics to furniture, lighting and accessories, Objets offers a broad range of lines that will fit any decor. Owner Sandy Sieracki values craftsmanship, which is reflected in the eclectic, high-end objects found in her showroom. The merchandise at Objets, Ltd. has a refined, Old World, antique influence, complemented by modern European twists. Visit or call 512.467.0301.

Black Sheep Unique
Damien Clark and his wife, Erica, operate this showroom, which features handmade antique, contemporary and custom-made rugs. Sketch a picture of your fantasy rug, and Black Sheep Unique can actualize it, drawing from an expansive color selection. However, once you have seen the antique and modern offerings from Afghanistan, Turkey, Nepal, and beyond, you may decide to forego a custom creation. Visit or call 512.465.2273 to schedule a showroom tour. For outbound appointments, call 512.466.2109.

Sonno Domestic Living
Artisan Heather Toolin specializes in luxurious bedding. As with the other showrooms at BDT, Toolin’s refined creativity is not limited to one specialty. With Toolin as a conduit, designers are capable of creating custom-made patterned fabric, embroidered towels, and almost anything they can dream. Sonno also includes fabulous beds, furnishings and unique lighting. Visit or call 512.452.4005.

Stockton Hicks Laffey
The central hub of BDT provides more than 85 classic and contemporary lines of textiles, trims, furniture, wall coverings, and accessories in a 15,000-square-foot showroom. This inspiring space also allows clients to order customized furnishings, as well as purchase any accessory directly from the floor. For more information on product lines, visit or call 512.302.1116.

A home search in Austin frequently ends with contracting a designer. Ask your Austin realtor about more information on this hidden design center and other ways to improve the quality of a new home.

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