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Austin Offers Citywide Support for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

published on January 7, 2012

2012 is well under way, and the easiest part of the New Year, writing the resolutions, has transitioned into the more difficult territory of keeping them. Luckily, Austin businesses won’t let anyone flounder or struggle – by offering services, classes, and opportunities to aid every well-intentioned resolution on its path to success.  Below are a few popular resolutions and a sampling of local businesses that can help you achieve your goals:

Get Fit

Pure Austin: This is the gym for people who hate gyms. Offering rock climbing, swimming, yoga, cycling, and similar methods to beat boredom and burnout while getting in shape, Pure Austin has two locations, one close to Downtown Austin and the other in Northwest Austin, making getting to the gym is easy.

Impact MMA Fitness: If treadmills make you want to run away screaming, consider a gym that offers kickboxing, mixed martial arts, weight training, and cardio packed in to 30-minute sessions.  Impact MMA Fitness is located close to the Legend Oaks neighborhood and is ideal for South Austin residents looking to kick their resolutions into shape.

Eat Well

Snap Kitchen: It’s easy to eat well when Snap Kitchen’s chefs create fresh, local, light fare that’s packaged in appropriate portions ready to take home. They offer quick pick-up meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacking, or full meal plans to help meet a personal goal. Dishes range from fresh pressed green juice to lavish salads like the Cheeseburger Bison Salad to pulled pork barbeque with sweet potatoes and greens.

Cook at home

Johnson’s Backyard Garden: It can be tempting to go out when there’s nothing in the fridge, but with a weekly delivery of fresh produce, empty fridge syndrome is a thing of the past. Johnson’s Backyard Garden also offers recipes posted each week to help home cooks figure out what to do with a bushel of vegetables.

Greenling: Groceries would be so much easier if they would carry themselves in from the car.  Now they can. Greenling delivers local and organic produce and grocery items directly to your door. Customers can even select a “recipe kit” that portions every item needed to create healthy, home-cooked meals.

Quit Smoking

Austin’s Hypnosis Healing Center: Hypnosis can help eliminate cravings and irritability while trying to drop a stubborn habit. Appointments with an Austin hypnotherapist are accompanied by a take home CD for support between sessions.

Learn Something New

Improv Classes: Taking up a new hobby or skill in the form of improve comedy can also lead to greater confidence, communication skills, and quick thinking. Austin is rife with improve comedy troops, and classes can be taken through several groups, including Austin Improv Classes and the Coldtowne Theater.

Girl Guitar Austin: Ladies, learning guitar with a glass of wine in hand is the brilliant idea behind Girl Guitar Austin. Lessons happen in a real music practice studio close to the Olympic Heights neighborhood, and each session of classes is capped off with a recital performance at Antone’s.

Purchase a new home

Saving up for a home can be a resolution for life and not just New Year’s, one that can be made possible sooner with help from a knowledgeable Austin Realtor. An Austin home search with aid from Austin’s leader in the real estate market, Brian Talley, can set you on course to find the ideal home just in time for next year’s holidays.

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