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Austin Luxury Homes Transformed by Next Electronic Systems

published on August 20, 2012

austin house technologyCreating a luxury home in Austin that is a cut above the rest can be a daunting task, especially with today’s technology advancing at lightning fast speed. Innovative specialized lighting, window shading, and home entertainment features can transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary, and, thankfully, even the most discerning Austin residents can bring these luxury home technology ideas to life with local company Next Electronic Systems. 

Their mission is “to provide home entertainment systems and experiences that exceed expectations and result in unparalleled customer satisfaction,” and they have a dynamic team that works to insure the satisfaction of their customers. Design Coordinator Amber Kokas offers insight into what the company does and what it can do for new clients: 

Regent PG: How did Next Electronics come about? What is its history? 

Amber: This year marks 10 years that Next Electronics has been in business. Dan McLaughlin (originally from Boston, Mass.) moved to Austin after traveling the country for a few months and built this company with his knowledge and love for all things electronics and giving customers a truly unique experience when it comes to their home electronics.  

luxury home technologyRegent PG: What is your typical customer like? Are they more tech savvy than the typical home owner? 

Amber: We have a VERY wide variety of customers. Some, if not most, of our customers are pretty tech savvy. We do both residential and commercial projects. New construction and updates to existing homes and businesses. Some of our customers are married, married with children, single, men, women, 20-somethings all the way into their 70’s.  Most of the homes and condos that we work in are $1 million and up. We have a lot of customers who just have their vacation home here in Austin, and we maintain the electronics of those vacation homes.  

Regent PG: What areas of Austin do you do most of your work in? 

Amber: Most of our clientele is in the Lakeway, Bee Cave, Westlake, and North Austin areas.  

Regent PG: What are your most popular requests? What do you install the most? 

Amber: Most popular requests would be whole home audio and video equipment (sound systems throughout the house and LCD TV’s in every room of the house, including outdoor living spaces) and home theaters or dedicated media rooms.  People want the luxury of having a projector in their own home to watch their favorite movies, and we can give them that experience.  

Regent PG: Are there any new trends that you see emerging in home electronic systems? 

austin home theaterAmber: Although home theaters and dedicated media rooms are a luxury, I’m noticing more and more that they are being built in new homes. So when people are purchasing a new home you have a designated space for your media room, rather than turning a bedroom or home gym or even a garage into a media room or home theater. On top of home theaters and media rooms becoming increasingly more popular, the ability to control your lights, thermostat, and shades from your iPhone, iPad or Android has become popular as well. We install systems that connect to an app, so that even though you may be in San Francisco, you can turn your lights off in your house in Austin.  

Enhancing a home with cutting-edge technological amenities can be thrilling, especially with the help of a reputable, knowledgeable company like Next Electronics. The right house is the first step, though, and the Austin Realtors at Regent Property Group are the best to assist with Austin luxury homes, or homes that simply feel like luxury.

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