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Austin Lawncare Tips: When and How to Aerate

published on May 7, 2013

aerate austin lawnSpring (March-May) is the perfect time of year to aerate the lawn of your Northwest Austin home. Annual aeration helps grass recover and bounce back from a year’s worth of foot traffic by improving water drainage, giving grassroots room to grow, restoring access to proper nutrients, and increasing the activity of the soil microorganisms. Proper aeration is essential for reversing the harmful effects of soil compaction and reducing thatch (the build-up of decaying plant material).

From Steiner Ranch to River Place, Austin home-owners are preparing their lawns for summer fun. To aerate your Austin-area lawn this spring, follow these five simple steps:

WATER: To make aerating easier and more effective, moisten the soil the day before.

CHOOSE: Head to the local gardening store and choose the type of aerator that works for you. A hollow-tined aerator is most effective.

  • Mechanical aerators are helpful for large lawns. These devices are typically pushed by hand or pulled behind riding lawn mowers.
  • Core aeration (a more serious mechanical method) may be recommended to remove some of the thatch layer in a seriously troubled lawn.
  • Manual aerators are either rolled across a lawn, or pushed into the earth step by step with the pressure of the feet (aerating shoes can be a fun manual option)!

austin home lawn valueAERATE: To aerate, punch holes three or four inches apart across the entire lawn. For some aerators, this may require aerating in two different directions. The best aerators will pull out 3-inch cores and leave them on top of the lawn to break down.

NUTRIENTS: After aerating, increase microbial activity by spreading a small amount of compost over the area (like Dillo Dirt).

REPEAT: Aerating annually keep grass healthy, especially in high-traffic areas.

The REALTORS® of Regent Property Group enjoy sharing tips like these with Austin home-owners. Considering a home on Lake Austin, or buying a condo downtown? Homebuyers from Eanes ISD to Lakeway can count on the agents at Regent to stay on top of the Austin real estate market!

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