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Austin Lawncare Tips: Choosing the Right Grass

published on May 11, 2013

grass for shade austinFrom Tarrytown to Avery Ranch, Austin homeowners want the best grass for their lawn and lifestyle. The right type of grass, however, can depend on three factors: foot traffic, shade, and water.


Certain varieties of grass do much better under stressful physical conditions like sports-use, children’s play, and pets. These include Bermuda, Seashore Paspalum, and Zoysia. Be aware that Bermuda can be aggressive and invade nearby gardens, so it will require more maintenance than other varieties. Zoysia (being quite dense) can be difficult to mow, so keep mowing blades sharp. Lawns with minimal traffic are fine for these varieties as well, or ideal for more delicate grasses, such as Carpet, Centipede, and St. Augustine.


Only a few types of grass can handle growing in a partially-shaded or shaded yard: Carpet, Centipede, St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Buffalo grass. Live in a shady area, such as a Rob Roy home? These might be for you! Though St. Augustine is one of the most shade tolerant of all grasses, it is also the most disease prone, so keep an eye out. For Ranch at Brushy Creek homes, and others with sunny yards, light-loving Bermuda grass is an option. Just remember, it’s aggressive. Don’t be surprised if it jumps in bed with your petunias!


Homeowners with an automatic sprinkler system and a large water budget may be able to afford high-water grasses like Carpet, Centipede, and St. Augustine. Owners with less resources, or who just want to be more environmentally-sensitive, might consider drought-tolerant grasses like Bermuda, Buffalo, Bahia, Grama, and Zoysia grass. Buffalo grass is by far the most tolerant of low-water conditions, though it can be more susceptible to weeds than other varieties.

  • Of course, always check with your homeowners association as some neighborhoods require certain types of grass!

Pets, kids, drought, and Texas heat all can take quite a toll on Austin grass. Is your yard-future looking more grim than green? Try a grass variety better suited for the everyday conditions in your backyard, and with proper maintenance, the elements won’t stand a chance!

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Austin Lawncare Tips: Choosing the Right Grass

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