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Austin Juice Bars Promote Green Goodness

published on January 17, 2012

Eating all the greens on a plate may have gotten easier since the onset of adulthood, but it can still be challenging to get the proper portions of fruits and vegetables every day as a busy grown-up. The obvious thoughts for meeting a green quota are salads and smoothies, but sometimes salads just aren’t convenient or filling, and smoothies often come packed with sugar and artificial syrups. 

Juicing is nothing new to health-conscious Austinites or fans of Jack Lalanne, but popular documentaries like Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives have recently brought the power of produce to the forefront of many more minds. Luckily for residents interested in the health benefits and delicious flavors afforded by juice, Austin is known for more bars than the ones found on 6th street. Juice bars are located throughout the city, providing fresh pressed juices that come pre-packed with all the vitamins and minerals of an entire produce aisle.

Below are a few of the juice bars located in Austin:

Booster Juice

Booster Juice is a juice and smoothie bar dedicated to providing a premium smoothie experience.The stores and products are energetic, fun, natural, and downright addictive – perfect for today’s active lifestyles.It’s this winning combination that has helped Booster Juice grow to 300 stores worldwide in just 12 years, with a presence in Austin to serve locals thirsty for a satiating treat.

Daily Juice

Born in 2003 of the fresh, cool spring waters of Barton Springs, deep in the heart of Austin, Daily Juice is freshly squeezed year round. Juices are all natural, and there are never any chemicals, preservatives, chlorine, processed, genetically modified, or otherwise denatured food. Ingredients are as local and organic as possible. Daily Juice seeks balance in their recipes; the art and science of food combination is key to making a great smoothie or juice. Locations can be found in Hyde Park, and in 2012, new spots in Westlake Hills and Downtown Austin will open.

The Juice Box

The Juice Box, in collaboration with The Soup Peddler, is a super-fresh liquids emporium. A mash-up between Daily Juice’s Matt Shook and The Soup Peddler, The Juice Box is located on South Lamar in South Austin close to Olympic Heights and serves up fresh juices, smoothies, soups, and salads. Their veggie blends are surprisingly delicious!


JuiceLand features a plethora of organic vegetable juices and super food smoothies that taste as good as they feel. They also serve up unique raw and vegan culinary creations made in-house, fresh juice cleanses available for delivery, and righteous herbal tonics aimed to enhance vitality. Locations are currently found in Barton Springs and Deep Eddy.

Whole Foods

Much more than a grocery store, discover new foods, tastes, and ideas in store. A raw juice bar, where you can get raw organic juice blends made to order from a large variety of fresh, organic produce, is found in every Whole Foods location, including the Gateway location close to Milwood.Smoothies and cleansing shots of wheat grass and other pressed greens are also available.

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