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Austin-Created IceTee Cools the Blazing Heat

published on August 16, 2011

Austin-Created IceTee Cools the Blazing Heat

Whether running on Lady Bird Lake in Central Austin or biking through West Austin, Austinites have a new product to help keep them cool – and looking cool – in the sweltering and record-breaking heat. Austin residents Megan Matza and Emily Thawley recently announced the launch of IceTee, a moisture wicking t-shirt, fitted with reusable, cooling gel packs at the neck, spine, and armpits.

The pair were spurred to action after hearing their friends and husbands complain about the inability to work-out, cool down, or perform any activities in the intense Austin heat. “Realizing that the heat is uncomfortable, dangerous, and restrictive to a widespread audience, we decided to develop a solution,” says Matza.

The IceTee’s gel packs cool critical points of the body during high-heat activity – so the body stays both cool and dry – and can be used as a precaution in the uncomfortable, dangerous heat Austin is experiencing.    

“Heat stroke and heat illness are common results of the body’s core temperature overheating. There were two heat-related deaths in Austin recently and countless cases of heat exhaustion, particularly with high school football two-a-days and other outdoor sports. You can prevent heat illness by proactively cooling your body with the IceTee,” says Matza.

For more info on the IceTee, visit 

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