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A Conversation with One of the World’s Most Successful Real Estate Agents, Gary Hersham

published on September 27, 2023


Gary Hersham is the founder of Beauchamp Estates, an international real estate brokerage with offices in London, the South of France, Mykonos, Tel Aviv, and New York. In early 2020 Hersham sold 2-8a Rutland Gate in Knightsbridge for $225 million British Pound Sterling, the most expensive home sale in the world. Hersham also sold Villa Les Cèdres in the French Riviera for $221 million. Hersham is considered Britain’s most successful real estate agent and is one of the most coveted and experienced agents in the world. Hersham’s reputation is one of maintaining impeccable standards of discretion and confidentiality, while achieving successful property closings in the hundreds of millions of dollars for an exceptional roster of clients.

If you are a buyer, seller, or real estate agent looking to learn about buying and selling super prime residential property in London and worldwide, Hersham provides an exclusive, behind-the-curtain view. Hersham and Talley also discuss the areas of London that appeal to high-end buyers, typical financing and contract structures, and the rules and norms required for buying and selling high-end real estate.

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