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Mid-Century Modern Homes For Sale

Mid-Century Modern Homes Listings
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Austin Mid-Century Modern Homes

Entranceway of an Austin-area home done in mid-century modern style
Entranceway of an Austin-area home done in mid-century modern style

The mid-century modern home style features clean, minimalistic designs with angular geometry and horizontal lines. These homes showcase the natural, outdoor elements of the property and have an emphasis on functional spaces that enhance the homes’ day-to-day usability. These homes tend to have large windows, walls of windows, and/or sliding-glass doors. These allow for multiple sources of light and also are placed to allow multiple access points into rooms, integrating interiors with their surroundings.

Also common in mid-century modern homes are changes in elevation, such as with steps; split-level spaces; and walls of varying height, all of which create a sense of depth. Roofs can be flat or gabled, and these homes often utilize post and beam design to further open up the interiors. The homes commonly will have stone or brick feature walls in the interior and a covered entryway.

Mid-century modern homes for sale in Austin are spread throughout the city, with some of the most popular areas including those neighborhoods around Zilker Park, which has many beautifully updated homes. Look toward areas that experienced a building boom in the mid-20th century for the most options in this original style, while newer neighborhoods can offer a modern twist on this classic. Start your search from the map search on this page, and filter to find options that may be right for you.

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