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Austin Historical Homes

Founded in 1839, the city of Austin’s history runs deep and includes homes spanning two bustling centuries, as well as the myriad housing styles that captured the attention of each generation. The oldest of Austin’s homes will be found in the downtown area, built at a time when the emerging city would begin to put down its roots both as a town and as a prominent location for the state of Texas and the Republic of Texas (1836-1845). True architectural gems can be found in downtown Austin, although many of these homes have been converted into business offices over the years.

Due to Austin’s history, the city has a variety of historic homes and styles reflecting different genres. The annual Austin Historic Homes Tour has featured such programs as The Art of Craftsman Style, Victorian Austin – The Age of Opulence, How the West End Was Won, Under Three Flags, and Austin’s Postwar Boom, as well as programs on specific areas of town, such as Duval Street in the 1920s, Travis Heights, Old Enfield, Pemberton Heights, Bouldin Years, Jewels of Castle Hill, and Judges Hill.

Many of Austin’s most prestigious and luxurious historic homes have been meticulously maintained and remodeled over the years, while more modest historical homes can be found in a range of conditions. Only a select few homes in Austin will be deemed historic by the National Register of Historic Places, but a larger amount will have the architectural style, character, and charm that many homebuyers look for in a historical home.

Obviously, when looking for a historic home, there are many factors to keep in mind to ensure the investment is a sound one in terms of the condition of the home and ongoing maintenance expenses. Be sure to take the advisement of an Austin Realtor® when undergoing a search for an Austin historical home – for assistance in understanding the investment and for learning about the historical significance of different pockets of town.

In addition to central Austin areas such as Hyde Park and Tarrytown, historic homes can be found in surrounding cities, such as in Kyle, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, and more.

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