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Austin Green Homes

An Austin-area home with roof-mounted solar panels
An Austin-area home with roof-mounted solar panels

“Green” homes are designed to be energy efficient, sensitive to the environment, and/or sensitive to the health of the inhabitants of the homes. This can include incorporating solar power, “smart” thermostats, energy-efficient appliances, water conservation features in the interior and in the landscaping design, and using recycled or environmentally sustainable building materials, such as bamboo wood. It also can mean taking advantage of a building site’s natural features, like sun aspect and tree cover, to maximize energy efficiency. Additionally, green homes can put attention on the interior health of a home, minimizing toxic paints and floor coverings and other building materials that may release harmful gases into the interior environment.

Many homes incorporate one to several green features, especially with modern-constructed homes in relation to energy efficiency. These homes can be found throughout Austin. Whisper Valley is a master-planned community east of Austin that has a primary focus on environmental sustainability.

For those serious about finding a green certified home, standards are issued by the National Association of Home Builders (The Model Green Home Building Guidelines) and the U.S. Green Building Council (Leadership in Energy Efficient and Environmental Design certification).

Use this page to start a search for homes with green features in Austin and then get in touch with your Regent Property Group Realtor® for help through the process!

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