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Our Marketing Program

Nothing beats the old adage of “been there done that”.  At Regent we have sold a LOT of homes in and around Austin TX so we know what works.  Our secret sauce is marketing, networks, momentum and experience.

1) Marketing: Excellent Photos.  Staging consultation. Professional flyers and e-flyers.  Clear messaging.  Timely delivery of that message.

2) Networks: We have deep networks with the REALTOR community.  We are not talking about an e-flyer service where much of the REALTOR community opts out of receiving those emails.  We have been building authentic connections with the most productive REALTORS in Austin for years.  These are REALTORS who want to see our inventory before it hits the market.  We also market our listings to the thousands of buyers in our database who found us searching for homes on searchaustinhomes.com.

3) Momentum: Once a home is show ready we create buzz about a listing by informing our networks about the pending listing.  The best chance for an offer is within the first 1-10 days so we funnel as many buyers through the house just before and after it hits the market.  When buyers see a desirable home and they see other buyers at the home it creates a sense of urgency that fosters successful sales opportunity.

4) Experience: Our agents at Regent have the benefit of experience to minimize unnecessary mistakes.  Getting an offer is a win, but converting it to a closed sale requires knowledge and strategy.  We know what is customary in a transaction in Austin TX.  We understand the importance of communication.  We focus on building authentic relationships with other agents, which fosters cooperation in getting to a sale.  We know sales and negotiating strategies that work.  We help guide our sellers through the entire process.  See some of our solds here.

Learn more about our Seller Services or Contact us today to receive a free home value analysis and a customized marketing plan detailing each action we will take to sell your home.