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Home Staging

Home Staging is the process of improving a home to be offered for sale, in order to maximize its value. Various surveys have concluded that staged homes sell more quickly and for a higher price than those that are not. All else equal, it is understandable that a buyer would choose to purchase a home that has been staged versus one that is not. In a competitive marketplace it is important to have the upper hand, therefore we strongly recommend home staging as a standard practice for our clients.

In order to make the home appeal to the greatest audience, it is important to neutralize colors, and make each room in the home look as spacious as possible, while creating a safe and warm atmosphere. Improvements may include grooming and landscaping the yard, removing clutter from in and around the home, cleaning the interior and exterior of the home, and adding, rearranging or removing furniture in order to improve the visual and functional appeal of the home. Other home staging improvements are to increase lighting and ventilation, remove and/or improve smells, and/or add visually appealing home decorations.

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