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Company History

While working for a Fortune 100 firm as a Vice President of Global Real Estate and Facilities, Regent Property Group founder Brian Talley took note of the deficiency of highly experienced and trained corporate and commercial real estate executives serving the residential real estate industry.

Brian talley

Realizing that there was a need to be filled, Brian Talley left the Fortune 100 firm and set out to form Regent Property Group with the goal of providing top notch real estate services to not only the Austin commercial real estate industry, but also to home buyers and sellers. 

In order to be successful Brian believed that he and his real estate professionals would need to be able to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction on a consistent basis.  To accomplish this, Brian used his corporate real estate experience to develop and apply professional business principles and standards to each real estate transaction. He secured the technology necessary to manage the real estate transaction process and to track and measure success, a key to sustaining quality standards from deal to deal.  Brian also believes strongly that marketing is key to selling real estate, and he therefore invested heavily in building a custom brand and website to provide a high quality image and to offer client's maximum exposure for the sale of their properties.

Since starting the business, Brian has been able to impress client's with constant communication, proactive recommendations, and access to the best information.  Over all else, Brian attributes his initial successes to his emphasis on combining experience, integrity, and a strong work ethic.  "Experience alone will not cut it in our business.  People need to know that their real estate professional is working for their best interests no matter what." says Brian.

Since real estate is often an individual or company's largest asset, Brian has built the business around protecting and building his customers’ wealth. "By helping our customers realize their real estate investment goals and by protecting their greatest asset, our real estate professionals are able to make a substantive and positive difference in people's lives. This is what drives us to work hard with each customer every day." says founder Brian Talley.