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Jay Billig

From the beginning with Austin and me, it was love at first sight. I moved here in 1991 and took pleasure not only in everyday living, but in the history of the city, and in its future direction. I’ve lived in a number of Austin’s many great neighborhoods over the years and can say with certainty that the heart of the city – its Spirit – is its diverse citizens, both old and new.

Since 1994, I have worked as a Residential Designer and General Contractor, on projects large and small in all corners of Austin. As with the city as a whole, a healthy respect for history and open embrace of the future have been my guides in helping my clients enhance their living environment for today. A passion for real estate along side this led me where I am today.

I bring a trained eye to the Real Estate profession, where I can help my clients better see their home in the context of a particular area, or the potential of a new one that fits their needs. My approach has always been and continues to be learning and understanding how I can best serve my clients and how they fit into their home and the community.

I enjoy sharing a home in central Austin with my two sons and our dog. As anyone with children will understand, every day brings a new adventure – and especially new joys!

I feel fortunate to work with people who are also dedicated professionals, who embrace diversity and who actively contribute to the Spirit of this great city we all call home.

I can be reached via email at jay@regentpg.com